HarmonyOS anyone?

I’ve just been looking at some of the HarmonyOS launch video from Huawei. It seems it’s not based on Linux and its emphasis is on “super devices” i.e. interconnecting internet-of-things and phone/tablet/pc in a simplified, unified way. The idea is definitely interesting and I always welcome competition. I’m not convinced to go in that direction myself though - I much prefer the Linux mobile route, mostly for privacy reasons.

Are any tech enthusiasts from the community keen to try HarmonyOS? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

It’s actually Android. It is based on the Open Source Android (AOSP) project.

I’m definitely interested in looking at it. My current phone is a Huawei with Android 9 and Google Play. I have had to use their warranty and have been impressed with their responsive and service.

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You can’t download the HarmonyOS SDK. You have to do some development via some sort of VNC connection to China, which by the way requires a government ID and passport to verify your identity. Yes - I wish that was a joke, but sadly it isnt (at least that’s how a journalist got to experience it).

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I didn’t know it was based on Android. I wonder if they’ve really managed to replace the (Frankenstein?) Linux kernel with an alternative that quickly. If so, they’re clearly ahead of Google, if Google felt the need to build a completely new OS in the form of Fuchsia.

Wow, sounds like they’re being very “protective” to say the least. I wonder what happened to the suggestion that it would be open source?

Well, that puts a whole different spin on it. My interest levels just dropped to 0! :laughing:

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Fun fact, I’ve asked a relative to search for “Tiananmen Square 1989” and the Harmony OS flat out refused search. Its map software (Petal I think) does not even list that place anywhere.

My relative is not located in a Chinese territory or a “claimed” territory.

This is quite shocking. Well… I guess it does what it’s permitted to!

The use of the word “Harmony” feels ambiguous, similar to FOSS’s issue with the word “free”.

There’s the harmony of everyone cooperatating toward a defined structure, similar to an orchaestra. There’s also the harmony of balance found between a motley crew, similar to improv. Jazz.

“Harmony with the government of the People’s Republic of China OS”, doesn’t quite roll of the tongue though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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