Hardware Addicts 2: Cloud Gaming Vs Bare Metal, Intel Icelake AI, Picking The Right Mouse

Show Notes & MP3: https://hardwareaddicts.org/2

In this episode, we will cover cloud gaming vs gaming on bare metal hardware. Who is likely to win this battle and are the days of dedicated gaming machine numbered? Also, gaming mice how do you pick the right one for you. I bet some people will learn more than they ever want to know about mice. Finally, Michael discusses why Intel GPU might lore him away from AMD. All this and more on Hardware Addicts!


Thanks everyone, really enjoyed this :slight_smile: I don’t really play many games, but fascinating to here how advanced the ergonomics and features of mice have become. Vertical mouse is very useful for the wrists, I agree.

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Hi folks, I’m also a long-time VerticalMouse user and I’ve transitioned to a Logitech M570. It gets bad press for a batch with bad actuators in the buttons but so far I haven’t had any issues myself. There are a number of off-brand vertical mouse options available these days - I have an Anker A7258M I picked up on Amazon for about twenty bucks that’s very decent. My only real complaint is that it’s a bit too light and I’m constantly knocking it around on my desk. Haha. Anyway, just wanted to let @TheWendyPower know there are options out there.

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I wanted to let you know about my goto keyboard. This is an expensive, mechanical keyboard, but after I filed a workman’s comp claim for RSI, I decided I needed a better keyboard. My company balked, and so I went out and purchased my own keyboard. I love it. It can be adjusted from flat to vertical. I do all my typing at work now with the keyboard halves at a 180-degree angle.