GnuCash Alternatives

Hello DLN,

I have used GnuCash for many years. It’s been a great application, but I’d like something a little more ‘modern’ (?) feeling. (I suppose I could build a different front-end for it, but who has the time?)

Does anyone know of a good Linux financial program, that isn’t a web site?

Use case is personal and small business.

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I’ve only tried gnucash and skrooge so far. As an accountant I preferred the mechanics of gnucash because it’s double entry, but it’s ui to me is just terrible. Skrooge looks better but I only spent a small amount of time on it and didn’t really like it.

All I really want to do is largely automate the categorisation of my bank transactions and do some personal budgeting. Unfortunately neither have done this the way I want to, although gnucash is very good at the categorisation to be fair.

However I’ve instead done it myself in excel using vba. I’ve also started attempting to do it using python and Pyqt5 but I’m a beginner in that regard so don’t think I’d ever get to the point of being knowledgeable enough to build a publishable app.

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Have a look at Kmymoney. It’s similar to the old Quicken, and is very easy to set up.

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Thanks. I don’t think I’ve seen that one in my searches, yet. =)

I agree about the double entry, and the ui. Although, I’ve recently installed Plasma and Qt on my system. Even though I’m not actually using Plasma right now, a lot of apps pick up on the fact that KDE and Qt are there and now they look a bit nicer. So the UI is the same, but it does look a bit better.