Glimpse project comes to an end

Glimpse FAQ: About (FAQs) | Glimpse
2020, Nov: Summary of achievements: A Year In Summary | Glimpse
2021, Feb: Lead dev/founder leaving and future plans: Work Continues on Glimpse Image Editor 0.2.2 | Glimpse
2021, May: Closing of project assets: A Project On Hiatus | Glimpse

Unfortunately, I’m not really surprised this fork had stopped.

I remember when news of the fork broke. They did seem to have a lot of ambitious ideas though I wondered why if the name of the Gnu Image Manipulation Program was so problematic, why there was such resistance to just changing that.

Honestly it looks like most of the support and incentive for this project was due just from the use of the word “GIMP” as the name. I’m not saying they didn’t want to improve the software in their fork but they could have simply worked within GIMP itself. Too often people allow words to do their thinking for them.

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I think the problem with “Glimpse” was that it seems to have been made as a consequence of the dislike for the name of the GIMP application. There were some other promises of a better UI but I never saw anything substantive come out of it. I did try Glimpse, it was good but nothing earth shattering as compared to GIMP. I will also say, GIMP is a stupid name. It doesn’t say “Image Manipulation” to me at all. I think the full name GTK Image Manipulation Program is a better name or “G-Image” would be roll of the tongue better.

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I didn’t follow this project closely and am sorry to hear it’s closing shop. I have glimpse installed and appreciated the name change. It’s a bummer to read their blog post and get the feeling that they were harassed over the fork. Hopefully it gets picked back up down the road.