Geometric rendering of a regular image with FOSS?

Is there a special rendering technique in Krita/Inkscape/GIMP or a special online renderer that could give me roughly this geometric effect based on a normal image? Wouldn’t need to be perfect, i’m comfortable fixing it in post.


This video is pretty good:

I tried in Gimp and Krita, but they do not have the “Average” blur effect, as far as I can tell, which means that you would need to manually pick a color for each area.

Photopea works fantastic though. I did a quick test and while I obviously both suck and lack the patience for it, it is clear that it works :smiley:


I was afraid of a Photoshop solution lol. Photopea is a lot better but it’s still proprietary software requiring a Web connection. It downloads blobs within a and there’s some kind of timeout implemented that lasts something like a week unless it’s re-upped. Not my cup of tea but hats off to them for a wonderful service all the same.

I think i’m going to commit to FOSS and share my results here.

I appreciate the keyword term and the concept though, that’s going to go a long way to solving.

I did what I should have done in the first place and found this reddit thread.
They link to the plugin ofn-average-fill, that will enable the average color in Gimp :slight_smile: I haven’t tested it yet though.

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Just on Krita: Playing around the native solution appears to be:

  • Select an area using the polygon select tool
  • Menu: filter > blur > blur…
  • Set the radius to 99

From here you’re done if you want a mild gradient, for a solid color:

  • Eyedrop the center of the selection to get an “almost perfect” average
  • Select Fill and fill the area on that layer or a new one.

I wanted to draw the polys first and color in afterwards, so I started with Inkscape. After not doing particularly well, I looked it up. MUCH MUCH EASIER AND BETTER! :stuck_out_tongue:

The good thing about this being a vector editor, you can go in and add or subtract triangles afterwards and even stretch and rescale the ones that look funky.

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You may have just completely nailed it.

I’ll try this as soon as I have the free time. Big thank you Kobber.