Games working on Linux on the first try

So what I want to do with this thread is highlight games that play on Linux with either native support, or games that play through proton with minimal configuration. IE, no having to deal with protontricks, winetricks, etc and that nonsense. At most, I will be using a proton-GE. With the Steam Deck on its way, Something like this will be helpful to fellow gamers in the community beyond throwing them at protondb (which is great resource). I am going for an OOTB experience as much as possible or with minimal configuration as possible.] So please, totally feel free to add your folks games you have tried and work on the first try!

So the first game up that I recently got was Tales of Arise. Max settings, 1080p, rtx 3050ti. This game came out on September 10, 2021, this game worked OOTB on launch day! 0 configuration needed

Tales of Arise


Not a new one, but one of my favourites, Warframe.
Works out of the box with latest Proton-GE

Currently playing Dawn of Man, this one also works without any hassle with latest Proton-GE.

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Not new games either but Dragon Age I and II work. DAO is straight out of the box and DA2 had performance issues on Pop OS, though on Zorin it’s fine.


This is a cool idea for a thread.

Rocket League works if you have it on Steam but I haven’t tested it for Epic Games though some have said it works OOTB with Heroic Launcher. I just haven’t tried that.

Golf With Your Friends, Splitgate, Race The Sun and Broforce are all games I know work OOTB without hassle, I think all Native as well.

Doesn’t Proton-GE requires special setup to use it? If that’s the case, it might not count as OOTB . . . welcome back to the forum btw :sunglasses: :+1:


Borderlands 2 and the Pre-sequel both worked for me, no additional configuration beyond installing steam and setting up controllers.

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I’ve recently played all three Witcher games, which all work flawlessly* out of the box**. The second game is native, and the others worked with Proton 6.3.

*The first game will crash to a black screen if I alt-tab away from the window or switch workspaces, so save often…

**These games allow importing save files from the first game into the second, and from the second game to the third, so that choices you make in each game are reflected correctly. Since the second game is native and the first and third run through proton, I had to move the files around to make that work properly. Here’s the instructions I followed…

This one is a bit clearer about what actually needs to be done… How to import save from witcher 1 on linux? :: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition General Discussions

Edit / Update: Screenshot from Witcher 3 on my system with mango hud…


Well Matt pointed out that he will be using Proton-GE and there for I assumed it was withint the realm of “ootb”.

However, the only steps required (other than the usual to enable and use steams proton versions) is to download the package and extract it, create a folder named compatibilitytools.d in your ../steam/root/ folder, and finally put the extracted proton-ge files in the compatibilitytools.d folder. Finally, restart steam and enable and use that specific protonversion.

Or use this tool and it’ll do the above for you:

Yeah, thnx ! :slight_smile: :+1:
I never left, I’ve just not been that active lately. :slight_smile:

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Well i pointed out that I was using Proton GE because some distros do ship with it by default (Salient, GamerOS/ChimeraOS, Garuda, and few others) also GE has a flatpak install available for it now if I am no mistaken. There is also a CLI app called ProtonUp that keeps proton-ge versions up to date with the newest releases. So there are a few different ways to go about installing it besides the “normal” way. And for me I view the creating the folder and dragging and dropping no different then dealing with game issues on Windows that need DLL fixes. As that maybe about as far as most gamers are willing to go to tinker to get something to work on Windows.

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Yeah…that’s my pow to !

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No Man Sky works great under proton for me as long as I launch from the library screen (i.e. not Big Picture mode). I’m using the experimental version of proton (6.3-6+), but it may work on previous versions.

I did not do any fiddling. It just worked, First launch took some time to get all the meshes, etc. in order.

System: Fedora 34 with plasma using Nvidia GTX 980 Ti and proprietary driver (470.63.01).

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I am looking forward to play that game too. How is it for you?)

Just a couple of weeks ended to play Terraria. And I am looking for something new. So, feel free to share your views on the game :3

Will be glad to read the answer. Thank you in advance!

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Well I guess the real question is are you looking to explore different genres of games? Or do you have a defined style of games you like to play?