Fun with Darktable

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Miami Tower

  • Nikon Z7
  • 7Artisans 35mm F/1.4 Lens
  • ISO 12,800
  • f/8.0
  • 1/40s exposure handheld
  • Darktable 3.0.2
  • Deceased exposure, adjusted black levels, noise reduction via profile NR module, sharpened with lowpass filter and added signature.

Taken with an Olympus FE-115. Focus isn’t quite right, but I don’t think it’s half bad for an old point & shoot :upside_down_face:. I’ll wait for a bit of sunshine and try the shot again.

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Just a suggestion: Try shifting your position to the right so the branch in the foreground has less clutter in the background. It doesn’t have to be in the center. Also set your aperture as wide as possible (small number). If you do that (and nail the focus), you will have a very interesting shot.

Suggested reading (Google these topics):
Golden Mean in photo composition


Shot at the local speedway this weekend, just as a spectator through the fence.

1/60 to blur out the fence in front of me, and also to keep ISO native as micro four thirds isn’t flash once I start pushing it higher. The background blur is also nice, which I have been practicing at other events as well at lower shutter speeds.

Shot on Panasonic Lumix G85 with 100-300mm version2: 1/60, f/8.0, 200ISO, 170mm (340mm fullframe equiv)

These are all fairly default, except highpass which is 12% sharpen and 20% contrast, then blend mode set to overlay at 75%
RGB Curve is medium contrast preset.
Oh and Base Curve is Panasonic with 3 exposure fusion, bias at zero/centre.


"The Curious One"

I was casually taking pictures of my one of my cats, when she heard the shutter and came right up to take a close look.

Camera: Fujifilm X-A7
Lens: 15-45mm, F3.5-5.6 (The kit lens for that camera)
Settings: Shutter speed 1/180s; Focal Length 45mm; F5.6;

I used RawTherapee, but I assume that’s equally valid for this thread… see processing steps below.


I’ve been walking past this interesting looking tree on my daily walk for a few weeks now, and finally brought my camera along.


  • Fujifilm X-A7
  • Fuji XC 15-45mm f/3.5 - 5.6


  • 45mm
  • Aperture Priority mode at f/5.7
  • Shutter speed 1/420 seconds
  • ISO 200

Editing (in RawTherapee)

  1. Enable “Black and White” using destaturation
  2. Fiddle with the red and green channels under Gamma Correction to darken the field and bushes slightly.

The Magic City by Carlos Echenique, on Flickr

Fuji X-Pro3 + Viltrox 23mm F/1.4
Processed with DT 3.4


Got a new lens so wanted to give it a go.
It was a bit on the dark side to shoot freehand, but a good test anyway.

Sony A7 + Tamron 28-200mm F/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD at 200mm F/5.6 1/160 at ISO800
Just WB adjustment in DT and exported as 3kx2k


A little bit of levels adjustment would have brightened that image right up.

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you struggle the same as me I think; 5.6 at the long end is a pain in low light, your shutter is a bit low for a sharp image it appears - or you’re just shaky and the stabilisation is struggling possibly. Mine does that, if I take a burst, some of the frames are apparently where it was moving to stabilise and others are crisp where it is holding nice. I burst everything, because why not :man_shrugging:

I lightened up your image a bit, and added some denoise and sharpening (also using the highpass module), I hope you don’t mind. The xmp is here if you want to see what I did (I’d do more if I had a raw): (I dont think I can upload to forum, that I can see)

Its a bit oversharpened but meh.


Having a bit of fun with some vintage glass… I came across my dad’s camera gear in the attic while looking for something else, and among it was an old Sun Optics 70-210mm f/4. I bought a cheap Minolta MC to Fujifilm X-mount adaptor, and I’m having a lot of fun with this lens. Also yes, I may have a slight starling infestation :slight_smile:.

Lightly edited in with RawTherapee… Mostly haze removal, because the lens got a bit of dirt inside over the years and images look a bit hazy out-of-camera. Other than that just local contrast.


These are awesome! I just love old glass, glad you are enjoying it too!

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Camera: Nikon D7200
Lens: Nikon Nikkor 70-300mm
Focal Length: 220
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter Speed: 1/125
ISO: 250


Love it !!!

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Crossed the border into Germany on saturday.
Found this waterfall.

sony a7rIII with a tamron 28-200 f/2.8-f5.6 at 28 mm f/2.8
ND8 and CPL
2.5" exposure
ISO: 100


Black Bear Lodge
My cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

Fuji X-Pro3
Viltrox 23mm f/1.4@2.8
1/10s at ISO 1250
Classic Chrome
Darktable 3.6


Indoor Karting at night. Was a real struggle without fast lenses, also tried to use my longer zooms at the short end to maximise light gathering.

Panasonic Lumix G9, 12-60 kit lens @12mm (24mm equiv)
3200 ISO, f/3.5, 1/40

Panasonic Lumix G9, 100-300 @100mm (200mm equiv)
16000 ISO, f/4.0, 1/160

All processed raws in darktable.


I want to go do that walk/hike!

I think they turned out great! I love the motion in the top one. While it is cool to have a fast enough lens/shutter speed combo to have no motion blur, the motion tells part of the story.

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