Firewalla, any good?

Seen firewalla advertised and wondering if it’s any good?


A new one to add to the list.

I don’t have any experience with this one.

Not very creative with the name…

I think you are overpaying for something that is essentially a router + *sense. You can customize your own via pcengines apu2 or protectli for significantly cheaper starting at 200USD instead of 370+ USD. Then install either pfSense or OPNsense, both are free and open source firewall OS.

You can also get something similar from aliexpress or alibaba for cheaper but shipping cost (as with above) may significantly alter the price, depending on where you are.

The product from indiegogo feels a bit misleading, particularly on the 3+ Gigabit speed. Its just regular 1 Gigabit speed x 3 ports and not 3 Gigabit. The Firewalla Gold looks good though, both hardware-wise and interface-wise.