Firefox Issue

HI, I have been using Ublock Origin and it has worked fine in Firefox but about a week ago, it started giving an error code on YouTube videos. I installed a different ad blocker and the same thing error code and the Firefox tab locks up.

Anyone else experiencing this ? Is there something else I can use ?

Thank You for any help.


What’s the error code it’s throwing at you? I have noticed that it wants different permissions lately.

The only times I have problems with uBlock Origin is if I turn it on and off in a tab with YouTube open.

HI this happens with Ublock Origin so I uninstalled it and tried another ad block same thing happens.
This is in Kubuntu .

I have Elementary on another drive same thing happens. Its not always same error.
If I uninstall the Ublock origin or ad block in either distribution YouTube runs fine no problem.

Sometimes it even freezes the Firefox tab.

Ublock was working fine for years .

Anyhow Thanks for Replies


Just tried two other browsers chrome and Vivaldi with Ublock Origin installed works fine.
I guess its a Firefox issue.

Thanks for the replies I’ll just switch Browsers for watching YouTube.


Probably not a Firefox issue, but probably Goolag trying to get you to switch to a Chromium based browser. I understand they will be removing all Ad Blocking extensions.

This and the fact that others using uBlock don’t have this problem suggests that it’s not problem with extension.

Do check if something looks new in the addon page of Firefox. Maybe it is needing new permissions. I use Firefox and uBlock and just checked that it is working fine on my machine (Pop!_OS LTS and Firefox 73.0.1)