Fedora Wish List

To start I believe that Fedora is the flagship Linux desktop experience.
Now I love using arch and being able to say I use arch as much as the next guy on here and I have a lot of respect and praise for PopOS and System76, but the best experience for me on Linux has been Fedora and it only seems to get better and better with each new release. It seems to me like they are really ahead of the curb with things like Pipewire, Wayland, BTRFS, and Flatpaks. All of that among other things that make it the most solid Linux desktop experience, now that is to say It can and is improving and I just wanted a place to vent a little about the things I really want to see in Fedora in future releases some of which is already being implemented.

  • Built in Dark mode

  • Accent colors

  • Optional system tray icons and the ability to hide them in a sub menu built in

  • Optional panel mode or classic mode built in for those people I cannot convince to use gnome the gnome way.

  • Free sync / variable refresh rate

  • BTRFS snapshot management from settings app or GUI

  • Fully functional fractional scaling in wayland

  • nautilus context menu option to enable opening folders in nautilus as root without the need of the terminal

  • uninstall option in context menu when you right click on application in the show applications view

  • accessibility support for remaping midi, gamepad or other controllers for use in games or to control the desktop

  • Option in installer for enabling the full flathub store

  • prompts for flatpak permisions for apps and a way to manage said permissions in a integrated way maybe in settings app

  • basic appimage integration in gnome built in

  • Michael AI BOT integration option for accessibility voice support and home automation integration with home assistant

I think I will leave it at that for now, thanks for reading my post.


Wouldn’t mind some of those myself.

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Since Fedora Workstation is a distro I continue to love and appreciate, I would like to add one to the list. I’m not sure if this is something the Fedora community could accomplish on their own or if it is really more of a Gnome community issue.

  • Add GUI support in the Gnome Network Manager interface for setting up Wireguard VPN’s. There is support for importing an OpenVPN configuration file, but no support for importing a Wireguard configuration file through the GUI. Network Manager already supports importing Wireguard configuration files, and I currently do this through the CLI interface for Network Manager nmcli. You can check out the most recent articles on my blog for more information about this if you are interested.

As you can see below, the Gnome 41 GUI in Network settings doesn’t even show that I have a VPN configured even though I do and it is currently active and working.

Just a little thing that would keep Fedora on the edge of innovation.

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