Fedora 34. Possible to clone my main drive while using it?

Linux newbie here. In Windows there’s something called Volume Shadow Service (VSS) that allows a clone of the drive to be created while the drive is in use. Is there anything like this for Linux? If yes, which cloning apps can do this?
Can this somehow be done using a VM?
I want to clone my main drive (Fedora 34 on BTRFS) while I’m using it.

There is Timeshift which is very popular for making backups of the system. It is available for pretty much every distro. I know that MXLinux has it’s own ISO tool that allows you to make an ISO of your system. Both Timeshift and MXLinux’s ISO work while the system is running. I can’t say whether they’re technically cloning the system drive though. Timeshift is not suggested for backing up the home folder so it’s certainly not cloning in that aspect. Whether there is a particular app for Fedora or Redhat I can’t say. I don’t have any experience in either.

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use BTRFS snapshots Incremental backups with Btrfs snapshots - Fedora Magazine

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To make a long story short, I’m giving up on Fedora (what a nightmare!) and will try Ubuntu. So this thread is resolved. Thanks for all your replies! Appreciated.