Facebook doesn’t know what I am talking about

Well facebook your an idiot then

Am grateful that Linux does not use any sort of AI like Facebook and google seem to be. Please do not give me an AI assistant.

Since when is expressing an opinion on Flatpak or Snaps spam?

I am hardly sending emails out to millions of users. Is it that flatpak and snap are the new normal and saying anything against them is seen as politically incorrect. Or that I am expressing an opinion of my own, because no one on facebook expresses their own opinions do they?

Snap fans might flag pro flatpak posts as spam and vice versa. The algorithm isnt necessarily stupid. Its the people flagging them that is.

My take on it is that since no one pays enough money to FB in the form of advertisement, FB decides both camps are toxic, spammy and does not belong to their platform.

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That would make any discussion about Gnome vs KDE, Nvidia vs AMD, SystemD or Pipewire also Spam if you go by the amount of heated debate it generates.

Linux is not defined by Snapd or Flatpack.

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Nvidia and AMD wont be flagged as spam because I’m sure both pay FB.

GNOME vs KDE, probably wont be flagged as well because they are older than FB and employees would probably flag them as known good content because it predates FB as a company.

As for Systemd and Pipewire I am unsure why the algorithm does not flag them as spammy.

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Facebook cencorship is crazy in my opinions. You should have your opinions. I personally love flatpaks and snaps, but what floats your boat. They have gotten very good lately.