Facebook App Caught Activating Phone Camera Without Permission

This what can happen when using closed source apps, especially from Spying companies like Facebook.


I’ve not had the Facebook app installed for about 3/4 years. Firstly due to battery issues on a range of devices, and latterly due to privacy concerns.

Looks like crap like this is why it consumes so much battery…

And of course they already pushed an update with a statement about a bug induced by a previous update… Guess they don’t have enough resources to make the code right the first time :rofl:

Yawn. Facebook can pretty much do whatever they want and get away with it, it seems.

Dear Facebook, thanks for the great zstd app, which I use, but other than that, I think you suck so very badly for just this sort of direly reprehensible shenanigans in the OP. I’ve never, ever, ever had an account with your service, because my scalliwag detector, which actually works, and isn’t broken, went off right from the very beginning when you first hit the scene.

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