Explaining Linux Distro Types: Difference Between Forks, Flavors, Remixes & More

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… ?!?
I think we need some graphics or a map or something.

But at least I think I now know that Hard Forks/Soft Forks are. :slight_smile:

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some people asked for a diagram, maybe I will do a follow up later to add more details for that kind of thing :smiley:

thanks for the explanation this is really useful (even for a 10+ years linux user like me) for my “switching to linux” file: when I get a friend who wants to move to Linux I send him links and info to read, understand and choose. I recommend GNOME for MacOS users, KDE for Windows Users and XFCE for low spec PC, my first recommendation is Manjaro (I used to recommend Linux Mint/PopOS before).

Regards, Alex

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