Episode 36: First Class Linux


Congratulations on the song release :+1: :smiley: it was already catchy and now feels indeed more pro. Your enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air these days !


@JasonEvangelho THANK YOU very much for introducing me to CoreCtrl. It has saved my sanity and retuning my new laptop.
Even though I’m not really a PC gamer I ordered the new Dell G5 15 with the AMD R7 CPU and AMD GPU, because… why not I want something that’ll still be capable years down.

Some BIOS or driver issue causes the external display to drop and then ultimately crash the OS. When I use CoreCtrl and keep the DGPU at a fixed “Low” level, it does NOT crash anymore.

This will get me by until bug fixes can catch up to my hardware.

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Hello there,
Do you mind if I ask, how did you get CoreCtrl into the grub?,

I tried to do it like it reads in here

I’m on Fedora, so Grub location is in a different place, I am not an advanced user, so I used Grub Customizer, to set that line


but it does not have an effect, when I launch CoreCtrl, I still don’t see any advanced features, just the same as when installed.


moderator edit: continued here > How to set up CoreCtrl

Hi. I’d be happy to help, but would you mind creating a new thread in the #help-desk category?

DannyBoy !!

All right, it’s there,