Episode 26: Lana Tries Linux - Ubuntu Edition


Hi Jason.
Very good episode and love hearing your wifes points about Linux.

I do have a comment about the failed World of Warcraft attempt and the critique Linux got for it.
You guys need to remember that World of Warcraft is a game that is not designed to run on the Linux platform at all.
So, given that it is actually possible to even launch the game, is a big testament to how awesome Linux and the Open Source software available there is.
Because lets be honest. Trying to run Windows software on a platform it’s not designed for, like Linux, is like trying to get an XBox game to run on PlayStation. They are entirely separate platforms.

I used to be a big World of Warcraft player, all the way up until Legion ended. And I did it using Linux. First it was Ubuntu and later on Manjaro.
I don’t mind to tinker, so I could get it running without to much hassle, using straight Wine and winebottles. But I am fair certain there are Lutris scripts out there, that still works.

Sorry for the rant. Just wanted to let you know, that it was not really a “fair bar” to set. :slight_smile:


Another tip for Lana’s love for the cube.
The most convenient way of using and installing the cube is using Mate with Compiz. If I am not mistaken that is also the origin of the cube. Everybody used Gnome 2 back then and with Compiz running as the window compositor. I did. :slight_smile:

KDE’s Kwin was not even in the game back then when KDE 4 was introduced and some people used Compiz even there before KDE got to the point.

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Where do we vote for Lana to try a distro?

What is the “cube”?

If you are new to Linux you probably do not know it yet. Because is mostly a thing of the past.
But have a look:

Ten years ago that was the thing in Linux.