Episode 17: Ask Jason Anything - A Community Q&A Special


Thanks for this great episode.
Even though I don’t like your post-install script, you sound like an amazing person.
Definitely gifted when it comes to putting emotions into words.
We’re lucky to have you in this community.

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That was a great episode !
Having listened to all episodes I expected a sensible, truthful episode. But I didn’t expect your answers being so touching. It began to smile when you talked about Pearl Jam, on how and why you loved them because I felt the same.
Then I realized we have the same age (44 in feb) and even though our paths are different, I can relate to starting anew and being finally happy when over 40 ! I fully agree it’s never too late. I’ll add it’s up to you to take chances. You might get burn but it will worth the risk in the end. When I was younger I was so scared of doing some things but in the end it didn’t do me any good to refrain myself.
Finally, being supported by the one you love is everything. You should be with someone who wants you to go ahead, try things and expand your horizons. If that’s not the case then the other is kind of keeping you in prison (for a lack of better word). I experienced both and the former makes you see life in such a different way…
Well looking back, I’m so glad I found that article about Linux on forbes 9 months ago :blush:


It’s not the best script in the world, and I’m still very much learning. I plan to do a follow up with some awesome scripts from @zebedee.boss, @dasgeek and others!

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I’m glad you found that article, too. Thanks for the support and for going on this crazy awesome journey with me.