Episode 16: Peppermint OS & The Forever Distro


Loved the episode. @zebedee.boss - coming up with terms for the community like the “Linux year”

Guess my Linux year is 2019. Should have been earlier, but, and unlike Zeb’s Linux year, I have completely moved away from Windows this year. But, influenced by your previous episode, I put Peppermint on my Asus laptop. Pretty slick distro. Looking to just get a solid distro with decently recent updates that will run well on lighter hardware. Peppermint seems to fit the bill so far.

The conclusion of the episode does sum up the essence of Linux. It’s a blessing and a curse. One in which will never appeal to the masses, unfortunately, but such a great experience for those of us that embrace that fact.


Great episode, and thank you for talking about the trouble you had getting Peppermint to work well with the Oryx Pro. The episode really got me wanting to try Peppermint and I would have likely installed it on my Oryx Pro – which would have soured me on the OS. I’m still going to try it, but maybe first in a VM or another PC I have around here.

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There is a semi-happy ending to that Oryx Pro quest, but it’s still not perfect.
Mark was ridiculously helpful even after this episode aired, so kudos to him.

I also wrote a follow-up piece on Forbes you may appreciate:

Anyway, the solution revolves around installing linux-system76, system76-driver and system76-driver-nvidia, but after rebooting I end up with a blank screen after switching to Nvidia or Hybrid.

It’s frustrating, and I’m actually back on Pop with my Oryx Pro because it “just works” out of the box, which is my ultimate goal for everything :smiley:

Mark did say he believes this will be much easier once Peppermint 10 moves to the 5.3 kernel.

I’ll keep everyone posted, because I do believe it’s a distro SO CLOSE to being perfect for every device.


I finally had the opportunity to listen to the episode yesterday (NBA started and I’m getting behind with all the podcasts :upside_down_face:). Great episode perfectly timed with my experience so far in the linux world.

Since I joined after a little testing a year ago I fell into the DHS (which was a lot of fun) and finally stayed the last two 1/2 months on elementary. I distro-hopped because there was some things I couldn’t achieve but I realized it was on me. By sticking to it and learning more about how to use and set-up linux, I realized what Zeb said nicely : everything is modular and with a little of perseverance it works.

Now I don’t do rocket science (multimedia and a little gaming) so I feel the distribution of choice would more be based on look and feel or performance (I have a 2012 mac mini). So when Zeb said about Peppermint to give it a try, I knew the DHS was kicking in again :crazy_face:

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Today I tried the Microsoft Office support in Peppermint and I should not say it in a Linux forum, but I really liked it. Many old documents were easily accessible again. Time to detect, how far I can use it without paying for the subscription. The support was completely comparable to Windows 10. I have both systems in Virtual machines.


Are you referring to the built-in ICE apps for MS Online?

That was a great episode for a great distribution. Thank you so much for reminding me of Peppermint. Lost track of the project a bit.

Especially the ICE app is great. With just a few clicks you can create a whole range of powerful web apps - and all based on the secure and privacy focused Firefox Browser. Who needs Electron-Apps, Chromium is already too popular in the net :slight_smile:

ICE can also be easily installed on all Debian or Ubuntu based distributions. The Peppermint team maintains a PPA https://launchpad.net/~peppermintos/+archive/ubuntu/p9-dev Works like a charm on my machine with Mint 19.2.

Keep up the good work!


Yes and MS Word looks better in ICE. I also use ICE with Xubuntu and WhatsApp-Web. I did not use the PPA, but will try that now.

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Thanks for the link Stefan! I’ll spread the word on that one.

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