Episode 159: A Very Techy Christmas w/ DasGeek (Ask Noah Show)

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I don’t know what’s up, but every time I click on the image to listen, it just disappears.

I enjoy these types of shows, thanks. I’m planning my first build, the advice on the CPU, Motherboard and GPU is helpful, in that I know nothing! A question regarding the RAM, the board specs has “Supports DDR4-3200+(OC) Memory”, I already have 32GB of DDR4 at 2133, can I use that?


AMD Ryzen appears to be in the lead now. They are cheaper, and perform much better than the Intel, especially since those issues with the Intel ones and the exploits in them forced to release microcode which has slowed them down.

For that memory you have, yes you can use it.

For GPU, whatever you want. All the companies support native Linux drivers.

Thank you for the input.

It’s something to do with the Fireside embeds and Discourse. I put a link in the original post.

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Thanks for that