Episode 155: All About VPNs (Ask Noah Show)


Thanks for this great episode !

The one thing I think got mis-stated here is at 45:38 @kernellinux mentions that the Dallas County hired Coalfire. That’s not actually correct. Its actually the Iowa State Judicial Branch that hired Coalfire to evaluate a number of counties. This confuses the issue because it appears that the sheriff is not under the state judicial chain. It seems to me that the sheriff’s primary grounds for rejecting the contract is that the state of Iowa does not own the courthouse and therefore is not legally allowed to contract out work to be performed there. And, unfortunately, it seems like he may be legally correct. Furthermore, Coalfire agreed to some questionable terms in that the authorities of the counties being tested (courthouse employees and law enforcement) were not to be contacted prior to each test and were requested not to communicate with other counties following each test while the tests were ongoing. This makes it hard to verify that the customer has the authority to contract the work being requested. Also, if there is not a reliable defuzer in place, then we see this kind of escalation. And its that adjective, ‘reliable’, that is the hardest part to verify. In this case, there appears to be some state vs county level conflict between the Iowa Judicial employee who verified Coalfire’s contract and Dallas County’s Sheriff who indicated that they were breaking the law.