Episode 152: Too Much Choice

Ask Noah Show - Episode 152: Too Much Choice

Microsoft has announced the release of Edge for Linux! Great news or is there a deeper discussion about too much choice? The Pinebook Pro is taking orders RIGHT NOW and a new version of Fedora is out!

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Maybe the top reason Microsoft wants to port Edge is to raise the likelihood that devs cross-browser test with it even if they don’t use it for browsing.

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I agree with Noah that there are too many packaging formats, but how do you get people to converge on fewer choices? Trying to get the open source community as a whole to change their individual views is like trying to herd a bunch of cats. Cats never cooperate if they don’t feel like it.

Maybe all those choices out there should just be seen as an opportunity for consultants to make more money (supporting each and every different strange packaging method out there, as the software gets desired sufficiently enough by customers).

I think convergence on less distros, less DE’s, and less packaging formats will happen naturally, but it’s hard to rush the process. From my point of view, these are all best understood as separate memes, in the technical sense of the term meme, and those memes will live and die just as genes live and die according to the rather impersonal laws of natural selection, which has no one master mind controlling it all.

Corporations may dislike that there is no one master mind controlling it all, in the Open Source World. But what to do? They would do well to take the time necessary to patiently research and then adjust to the open source landscape as they encounter it.

I commend Microsoft for making a poll to look before they leap, with respect to bringing Edge to Linux.

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