Episode 14: Ubuntu Upgrades and Unusual Underdogs

Linux for Everyone Episode 14


This was a great episode!

I wanted to mention that if you want to use KDE, one thing to do to make it seem snappier is go to Settings > Display and Monitor > Compositor and move the slider to either Automatic or the first notch on the left. This will make the windows pop up nearly instantaneously.

As far as the Linux Keynote, I think that is a great idea, and David is a genius! One thing that would be cool is maybe a year-round stream of many of the Linux conferences, and if there’s a few moments of down-time there could be a few ads for manufacturers like System76, Purism, Star Labs, Tuxedo Computers, etc, and also hosting solutions like Digital Ocean & possibly AWS. Of course, some ads from Ubuntu, Manjaro, Red Hat, elementaryOS, and Suse would be great as well.

Advertising the heck out of it for the first year or so would be really cool, and would be a great way to show off what fun places like LFNW and SELF are. If it gets enough views we could look into having an actual keynote conference in one place (say Denver?) and having talks from Linux Celebrities or other FOSS contributors. Like, could you imagine a “The Linux Kernel – What’s new in 2021?” talk right across from “Plans for Proton”? And then AMD coming in with “How we rose from the ashes, from underdog to top dog” talk on the last day… A man can dream.

I also really, really liked your song from the source at the end of the episode. Your introduction reminded me of your dedication, and I wanted to express my gratitude for your dedication to the Linux platform. Not a lot of people would be willing to dig as deep as you do into this world within a year and get so enthusiastic about moving your entire workflow to it. I appreciate both you and Ryan for contributing to the Linux community like this with such little delay into your introduction. :slightly_smiling_face:

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