Entora alternatives?


I used to have an Entora account, it was like track.tv, simkl, imdb, but for keeping track of your favourite music; musicians, albums, genres, etc.

It was not open source thou, but it was the only one I could find that did this,
every other choice is for TV or movies or anime.

Can I get some recommendations?

Thanks and happy holidays.

Someone was telling me about an app that does something like this. I think it’s called Lidarr.

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Looks pretty cool!

Maybe AudioDB is something you could look into.

It’s like The Movie DB (tmdb) but for music.

Would getting RSS for scene releases (wink wink) count as a good alternative? I guess it is a bit more privacy friendly but depending on which scene you subscribe to, you may only get the more mainstream ones.

Found it, Lidarr is a fork of Sonarr, but one is for music and the other for movies / tv, it works the same, I am keeping it,

That is just what I was looking for, an online database where I can find new things to listen, and the get them with Lidarr, :grin: :laughing:

Well Lidarr is a tracker, and AudioDB has RSS, so, I’m good,

Thank you all


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