Element.io is blocked from the play store

Source: https://element.io/blog/element-on-google-play-store/

Is it just me, or has the monopolies have gotten very touchy with the Banhammer his year?

You can still get it via Fdroid, but I imagine Element.io is going to host their own Fdroid repo after this


So glad I have been using the one from F-droid since before the name change happened.

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My understanding is that it has been restored. I wonder why, exactly.

Stuff should be back up soon. So yes. Hang in there and maybe consider going Lineage or Graphene OS and just get apps from F-Droid


If you’d ask me, i’d say definitly switch to Lineage/Graphene/Other (i’m going Ubuntu Touch somewhere february, leaving my KaiOs phone in the drawer as a backup).
It’s going too far. This will end up with no communication possible at all on these corporate sponsored thingies.