EAC finally on Linux!

Well, look at that !
It finally came, I had my doubts.
Let’s see what it leads to and just hope it’ll turn out as good as we are hoping for.


There is no doubt in my mind this is all thanks to SteamDeck and I think announcements like this are just the beginning.


Yeah, no doubt it’s the SteamDeck/Valve that gave this a warm and fuzzy kick in the rear and made it a reality.
Let’s just hope they don’t attempt any shenanigans and make this a “bad thing”. This is really what gaming on the linux plattform needs.

Wait, hasnt EAC always been available for Linux? And its the game dev’s job to implement it?

Are you telling me devs dont have to give a fck and the games would still work right off the bat??? :upside_down_face: :star_struck:

EDIT: So after actually reading the article it seems devs still required to do some minor tweaks. I really want to look how ProtonDB looks after a week or a month. So much excitement! Finally!

Straight from the horse mouth:

WELL Well well…now would you look at that !