Donated Android Tablets - Volunteer Project for shut-in Seniors - needs technical advice

I received a pile of tablets donated from my city to the seniors in covid lock down in a vulnerable building, to encourage them to communicate digitally. This requires tutoring them, as well as setting up the devices for them. None of the devices run the current version of Android, and so there are problems with plugins working. Youtube videos have given me a lot of ideas, but I can’t find answers to some specific questions I have.

Any coaching is appreciated. Some of my questions are:

  1. Will a beautiful Samsung Tablet 10" running Jellybean, 4.1, be upgrade-able to current versions of android, or does hardware restrict the versions that will run?

  2. How high can a Samsung 8" tablet, running Android 7 or 8 be upgraded to?

  3. Same questions about Alcatel Tablet A30’s? I have eight of those.

  4. Is it possible to upgrade an iPad pro a few versions? Or is that locked down?

Let’s start there. What method do you recommend? There are a few out there.

Do you know which tablet you have in point number 1? I have a Samung Galaxy Tab 2 that I was able to put SlimRom on. There’s also the LineageOS project for that device.

SlimROM makes the device usable, but it’s still pretty slow to respond. However, it does stream Netflix and Hulu from there, so I’m guessing it could do YouTube (or the NewPipe app!) or messaging apps like Jitsi or Telegram or WhatsApp.

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I’m running Lineage OS on a newer Pixel C. I really like it, and I have had pretty good luck side loading what ever APKs I need for the apps if they aren’t in F-Droid. Just be careful of finding a trustful source if you need to do that. If you can find images for those models, it may be something to look into over standard google or stock images. Maybe be a little vigilant currently, as it seems attackers have penetrated the Lineage Data Centers via Salt Bug.

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Thanks kindly for the clues.

Thanks kindly for the warning.

Were you able to get some of these working and in use?