DLN Xtend - Episode 2 - DLN Social Channels, Lukasz Erecinski of Pine64, Microsoft Surface Go Tablet, Issues with GNOME

In this episode we discuss the question of does the Destination Linux Network have too many social channels, discuss the interview with Lukasz of PINE64 and the implications of vendor/developer collaboration, Ryan’s experience with the Microsoft Surface Go Tablet and issues with GNOME that keep us from using it.

We know you are busy and appreciate you taking time out of your day to listen to our podcast. Thank you!

DLN Xtend Episode 2


Listening now :smiley:

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Hey there’s a DLN show missing from your list: DLN Xtend. You should review it sometimes too. Thank you for the show!

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Another great episode guys! I have to agree with you on the fact that I just can’t get behind GNOME/Mutter until the single thread issues stop.

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I have a feeling the DL crew are going to start refuting us on their show. I guess it’s only fair after all. :grin: