DLN Xtend 32: Personal Productivity

Link: https://dlnxtend.com/32

DLN Xtend 32: Personal Productivity

Good show!

I’d recommend @TheWendyPower to check this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/unfa00 Unfa works for a game company making the music and sounds of the games, and he uses Linux to do it, so the channel has a lot of tutorials and info about music production on Linux.


I agree. @unfa makes a lot of great audio based content on his channel! :smiley:

Awesome, thank you @serjor!

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Wendy, I heard you say on a recent episode that your daughter wanted to do some music on the computer like the “awesome” OCremix stuff (BTW Tell Matt thanks for that music suggestion). Try sonic pi it is a python like music coding program. I know you home school so you can teach music and coding in one.

Love the Show,


You are welcome for the OCremix recommendation. You can download about 3500 songs of theirs by using their full catalog torrent it is about 20 gigs of music (not hasn’t been updated though in a couple of years)

I had both torrents on my Jellyfin media server within 2 days of hearing that episode. My wife loves http://finalfantasyradio.co/ but it goes down a lot. We both have been loving all the music and most of it is good, I don’t skip that many songs.

Yeah, the songs that OCRemix does are quite good. Like everything, there are a few that from a personal taste POV that I do not enjoy. Got to say, personally for me, one of my favorite tracks is "The Result is Always Death from Shadow Hearts Covenant.

That sounds super awesome! I’ll pass the suggestion on to her.