Destination Linux Distro

With no appreciation of the actual skills and time involved, i’m just gonna throw it out there. Destination Linux should totally make their own Distro!


Have you seen how long it takes Michael to publish a video or make an OBS_Scene :stuck_out_tongue:

Ryan would like it Arch based, others buntu based, Nate openSUSE based, Jason POP_OS based… jeesshh I can just hear the discussions now - hahaha

Nice talking point though.

Regards Zeb…


Haha it would be Frankensteins distro!

What I like about this community is that everybody is using another Linux distribution.
That variety makes this place so great.


We’ll just have to make our own package management system ala xbps on Void Linux.

And our own init system.

Gotta set our sights high!

how hard can it be? :sweat_smile:

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Found it, a good compromise between stable and rolling. Change the theming to gold and black instead of the typical green:


Actually… Now I’m thinking…


OK, lets avoid that discussion, it has to be Linux From Scratch based, Serge can create a few scripts to make it easy.

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Yeah… anything but green…

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I barely have time to make podcasts, videos, and work on the network so a distro is probably not in the cards right now. :smiley: I’m not sayin never . . . but totally a “not right now” situation lol

I do think we could come up with a recommendation list or something. :sunglasses:

well if I were to do that, it would be a universal package manager and it would only be what is necessary so I’d called it Packages Users Need aka PUN . . . :sunglasses: :+1:


In this case you guys should probably fork Tiny Core Linux or something

In the spirit of choice, and by experience the Destination Linux community, the DL Distro (say that outloud btw, it sounds good!) would have installation options for literally every package manager and desktop environment.

Done! :smiley:


A good idea!. I’m curious what will be the name of the future DL DIstro. May be DL OS?

Then people who use it can be DLOSers :laughing:


JourneyOS. Because the journey is just as important.


Name the distro “Stool Linux”


What, like PCLinuxOS? Uses apt, but packages are rpm?

Let me know when CubicleSUSE comes out and I’ll try it. :wink:


I’m too dumb for the quote function here, but if the journey is just as important, we should make the installer never finish.


Cool Idea, Destination Linux Distro should be based on Arch Linux or RHEL.

Regards, Alex

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It should be a revival of Tin Foil Hat Linux