Destination Linux 195: Interview with Fedora's Project Lead, Matthew Miller


This was a fun episode, great to hear someone who loves the project, and getting you guys (even Ryan so pro-Arch) interested to. I may have to put it in a VM and see what it’s about.

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As someone who has been Red Hat and Fedora adjacent for almost my entire Linux journey (very briefly flirting with RH 5.2 big box copy, briefly flirting with RH 7.3 included in a Linux book, eventually Yellow Dog Linux during my PPC years, and BLAG Linux and GNU and keeping BLAG “up-to-date”-ish by hand using the wonderfully formatted and easily accessible SPEC files and SRPMs during the Fedora 14 to 28 years.) I have to say it is a great distribution. I’ve already been enjoying my time with the Fedora 33 beta (even on GNOME 3!) and am probably going to make the switch back from my brief stint in Parabola land. (My “I’m amicably breaking up with the FSF and GNU” rant removed here to stay on topic.)

Great release Fedora team.

Edit: This is the first DL I’ve ever watched, does Noah always have the Star Trek TOS sexy closeup filter on or was this just a technical hiccup?

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I am working on switching to Fedora KDE. I have not used it in a long time so I am curious what the experience will be like. @Conan_Kudo tricked me, i mean convinced me, to try Fedora 33 so I hope to do that soon. Turns out trying to run a media network is pretty time consuming lol

that sounds cool . . . I am curious what the rant was though maybe that should be in a separate thread as you mentioned. :smiley:

As for the camera issue for Noah, the lighting in Noah’s room created that weird glare effect. We made improvements in the next episode of 196 and we have more improvements planned for that. It looks much better now in the next episode.

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