Destination Linux 179: Ask Us Anything + Why Linux Gaming Should Matter to Everyone

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Ryan: “What is knew in your world this week? Please say it’s not new obs sceens because nobody cares.”

Michael: “I do that anyway, but that’s not what we’re going to talk about. We’re going to talk about Next Cloud.”

::slick obs transition::


I just listened to DL podcast 179. The game System Shock Reboot is mentioned, supposedly meaning that it has been played on Linux. I have scoured the Internet and found only a scant alpha-state website and an alpha version on Steam. I got the Steam version but it was unplayable on Proton. On the show it sounded like this was something that was available to all. I don’t see where this was found or how it could have been played. The show notes don’t even mention it. What am I missing?

It appears to have been funded, there’s a demo on Steam (maybe elsewhere) but it’s still in the build phase.

They’re not updating their Kickstarter anymore (last update was 07.27.16) but they’re doing updates on their Steam page, last one was February (last link). Seems like a wait-n-see situation for now.

Mention on DL:
Steam, update (Feb 7, 2020):

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lol yea it was weird he said that because the OBS stuff I did this episode was pretty awesome :smiley: in my opinion

We were saying that it was coming to Linux. @Ulfnic provided the links. (thanks for that @Ulfnic)

I know it’s a good natured ribbing, the timing was just hilarious, it’s like you owned him with an OBS transition especially being the first one in the video. Super meta.

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Haven’t watched this one yet, but you guys should do a show in the future with Gardner the Linux Gamer to talk about gaming on Linux.

This was a really fun episode. Now I’m curious about which artists you like, @MichaelTunnell since you like dubstep, metal, and opera.


@dasgeek - Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for finally giving me a good reason to respect gaming on linux. Good, sound logic and a very compelling argument. While I may never personally drift much farther beyond solitaire, I can appreciate, and benefit, from the innovation and advancements that come from gaming development on Linux. Your point in comparison to the mac game-space was well made.

I was one of those people who only listened to the gaming news just to hear @zebedee.boss reaction to whatever humiliating title you exposed his poor patience to. In the future, I shall listen with renewed interest.

Great Episode. I hope you guys can pull off another one like this again in the future.

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