Cut and Paste - Windows vs Linux

Everyone pretty much knows that in Windows you highlight what you want to copy with your mouse, hit Ctrl-c to copy then Ctrl-v to paste. Although this is great, it’s even easier in Linux!

In Linux, you highlight what you want to copy with your mouse, and then just middle click on you mouse to paste. No need to use the keyboard.

There might be a few exceptions to this, like you’ll need to use Ctrl-v for pasting your password into the Steam client.

I realized watching a video Jason posted yesterday that some people weren’t aware of this, thus the post. :slight_smile:


Another thing.

To paste something into (most) terminal emulators, you can use CTRL+SHIFT+V.


Neat , however if you’re used to ctrl+c, ctrl+v I’m not sure there’d actually be any time saved doing it this way.

Sure there is, if you need to one-hand it for some reason.

I quite often use the ctrl+shift+v etc, especially when in the command line. Having to move my hand to the mouse just to cut and paste takes longer.

I totally prefer the keyboard.

But yes, middle click is cool, too.

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