Best Video chat client for Linux currently, for video quality? Can be closed-source?

I always prefer Open Source software, whenever possible. But there are certain occasional use cases where the Open Source options just aren’t that great, and I turn to something closed source, if necessary. Yes, I’m well aware that privacy quickly flies out the window whenever doing this.

I’d like to hear about anecdotes and recommendations about the current choices out there for desktop video chat. Can anyone suggest the clearest, best quality video chat out there for Linux (free of charge, but possibly closed source)? This is best quality in both high, and low bandwidth considerations.

Can you also mention how many KB/sec that your video chat is using (both up and down), with one peer? Whenever the video traffic gets treated unfavorably by ISP’s (net-non-neutrality), that’s worth mentioning also. I’m in Asia, BTW, (Malaysia), often wanting to chat with people in North America.

If I’m not mistaken, DLN tends to favor Zoom these days? I’ve personally tried the freebie version of Nextcloud Talk (even setting up a TURN server), but I was unhappy with it. That was back in Nextcloud 15.

I have no idea about closed source but I know Jitsi works pretty well.

I have a short list of resources I mean to try. Have no idea how up to date or active they are but at one time looked pretty interesting. Some I tried with really good results.

I use Zoom to chat with my kids at University and sometimes I collaborate on-screen with my son to help with homework (not so much this semester). Zoom is free for one-on-one chats and has very up-to-date Linux support.

We have had great success with (and
In my experience, it is extremely stable and the video quality is better than Zoom or Skype.