Best tutorials for Mikrotik RouterOS

So I’m using a Mikrotik Router - but I would love to learn more about it (right now everything is working but I haven’t done much with it other than basically just getting it set up).

Was looking to see if anyone had some suggested tutorials on learning Mikrotik’s Router OS!

I have been learning a bit about RouterOS lately. Honestly, I haven’t reached further beyond the official documentation. Albeit, I have education and passion for networking. Furthermore, my experiences with some of MikroTik’s solution have left me. . . with more to desire in a professional environment (or anything I would want to experience as a consumer.) But, I have found ways to work beyond their shortcomings using B-B-B-Bash scripts that have been far more dependable for deployments for their Audience mesh solution. I need to sanitize the scripts a bit, but I’ll share them with DLN. Without doubt. Believe it.
Also, I too am on this journey to learn a bit more about RouterOS.