Best open source cross-browser bookmark syncing extension

At home, I use Firefox, Ghostery (testing it) & Brave (if I need Chromium). In my workplace, I use Firefox (mainly) & Edge (company standard & I have to use Windows (ugh)). I’m trying to find a good, trustworthy open source cross-browser syncing extension that I can host in OneDrive (work) or Nextcloud (home). Any suggestions? Also, I’d prefer if that tool won’t require me to have an offline copy for it to work.

I remember in a DLN episode they talked about some cross-browser bookmark extensions, but I can’t remember which one it was.

Do any of these ring any bells?

I really dont sync my browser bookmarks anymore because I’ve noticed I’ve got different use case for my phones and desktop. Also my laptop recently broke down… Anyway, I found this and it seems nice. I’ve yet to use it though:

It is self hostable as well.