Best FOSS torrent app?

I use torrents once in a blue moon for downloading distros so I just grab the nearest thing in the Debian repo but a friend of mine who uses it a lot is asking for a recommendation. I’d rather give him a community approved recommendation than some random top 5 I got from a search.

He’s happy with Fopnu which is by the same guys who did Tixati but while it’s free it’s not open source (from what I can tell), i’m looking for the “best” FOSS app with ethical devs that preferably has a Windows version because he’s still transitioning.

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I used to use Vuze, because of all the options, but it was also bit sluggish and slow.

Now I use KTorrent. Fast, nice looking, has all the options I missed in Transmission.

Being lazy I tend to just download a .torrent file, double click on that file and see what opens by default. That’s usually Transmission, but occasionally KTorrent, both seem to work for my simple needs. I think I prefer Transmission because it’s the more common default I come across so it’s what I used the most. 99 out of 100 .torrent files I download are Linux .iso files.

Deluge is a good FOSS option. It’s similar to qBittorrent, but written in GTK and Python.

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I have another vote for Deluge. Looks the best out of all of them and works really well!

I generally use qBittorrent.


Transmission is familiar, has low resource requirements, and just works.

I think qBittorrent has flexibility, the most features and is probably the best one out there, but Im currently using Transmission because I’m liking the GNOME and GTK integration more. I also realize that I dont use most of the features of qBittorrent anyway.

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I prefer qbittorrent because it has a ton of features and flexibility

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Thank you for all the recommendations, I built on that a bit below. It’s down to choosing between Deluge and qBittorrent. KTorrent gets honorable mention but isn’t cross platform.

Written in: Python
Supports: Linux, BSD, Mac OS, Windows XP+
License(s): GPLv3+
Released: Sep 2006
December 2015, forum compromised and user database dumped:
CVEs (4):

Written in: C, Objective-C
Supports: Linux, Mac OS X+, Windows 7+
License(s): GPLv2+, MIT
Released: Sep 2005
March 2016, official website wacompromised and tainted .dmg files uploaded:
CVEs (7):

Free and non-FOSS versions
Written in: Java
Supports: Linux, Mac, Windows
License(s): GPLv2
Released: Jun 2003
(Can’t confirm) Vuze was originally categorized as adware by Softpedia due to a bundled toolbar and offer to change search:
CVEs (2):

Written in: C++
Supports: Linux
License(s): GPLv2
Released: ?
CVEs (5):

Written in: C++, Python
Supports: Linux, BSD, Mac OS, OS/2, Windows
License(s): GPLv2+
Released: May 2006
December 2015, forum compromised and user database dumped:
CVEs (6):


Great summary. Myself, I’ve never had a problem with good ol’ Transmission.

Funny, I recall a fork of the the original Azureus program - Bittyrrant. ( ) The point of the fork was that Bittyrrant was that it prioritized you on the network the more you seed. Basically it prioritized you to faster peers if you upload more. It was good idea (I think) at the time. But for some reason, it was born and it died on the same year (2007).

I dont even know if it was integrated upstream…