Bedrock Linux - Does it make any sense?

Recently I saw a few people bringing up Bedrock Linux as the ultimate Linux OS, but reading the specs, it is very dubious for me that it makes any practical sense.

But before I pass any judgement, I’d like to hear what the community thinks about that “metadistribution”, and what utility that kind of system has, what would be the circumstance, when it is an obviously better choice than let’s say Arch with custom PKGBUILDs for software that’s not in the repos.

Personally I havent tried it though, just to be transparent about it:

I’ve heard of Bedrock Linux before but it appears to be relegated to be a mostly for fun and tinkering kind of distro. While its kind of mindblowing to have the ability of running anything be it AUR, DEB files, and RPM files, it has an extremely serious problem - apparently the reason as to why it is so compatible with anything and not break is that it runs things in a very memory insecure way, which is kind of the reason I like to use linux - its relatively more secure. Thats the reason I dont need to try it.