Ask Noah Show 171: AMD Security Flaw

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Nice show @kernellinux! I am not sure if I heard it on your show or the Destination Linux itself but I’m currently using Radiant on top of wine to convert DICOM images to WMV, then use ffmpeg to convert it to MP4. There is a direct export to MP4 but I cant make it work right now as I cant seem to figure out what libraries/modules to install on winetricks.

I was wondering what specifically was open source PACS system or DICOM viewer you deployed on your client. Currently I am more interested in the DICOM viewer aspect but I may want to try to experinment and build my own PACS server in the future.

Thank you very much!

An extract of a SELF statement read by Noah in this show:

COVID-19 is similar in transmission and seriousness to a bad seasonal flu. We expect like the seasonal flu for it to ease up with warmer weather.

It is a darn shame that this inevitably becomes a point of ideological belief

There’s no evidence to support the statement COVID-19 will “ease up” with warmer weather. What’s warmer? Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are hospitalized in Queensland Australia where it is now early autumn and temps in the 80s F. COVID-19 is in Singapore where tomorrow’s forecast is 91 F -

Even as I was listening to this Episode I saw a news item that a passenger on Jet Blue Flight 253, possibly knowing he had active COVID-19, flew from JFK in NY to West Palm Beach exposing an entire passenger load.

This stuff kills people at a much greater rate than “normal” flu. The countries which seem to be managing it (China, Singapore, Japan) are doing so with severe restrictions on travel and movement of populations. Italy let it get away and Italian hospitals are now having to triage incoming patients and choose who they can possibly save and who to let die.

It would be wonderful if COVID-19 isn’t around in June, but it’s really important not to trivialize this disease, how it’s communicated, and how patients respond.

Perhaps there’s time to move the 2020 SELF conference online?

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I have still not listened to the show, it is in my list but I agree with that statement! I live in Europe and we are hit big time. It is nothing trivial and we all should take it serious.

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So now that Team Trump has decided to take COVID-19 / Corona Virus at least somewhat seriously, Trump’s statements that “warm weather” and “April” will magically end the pandemic must be replaced by science.

Harvard Center for Coimmunicable Disease Dynamics

Seasonality of SARS-CoV-2: Will COVID-19 go away on its own in warmer weather?

Based on the analogy of pandemic flu, we expect that SARS-CoV-2, as a virus new to humans, will face less immunity and thus transmit more readily even outside of the winter season. Changing seasons and school vacation may help, but are unlikely to stop transmission.

I find myself at odds on this topic. I see the need to treat this seriously, the fact that the novel Coronavirus is soo easily passed from person to person. And the statsical values that show this strain of Coronavirus can be multitudes more lethal than enfluenza today, that already takes thousands of lives a year.
But the panic and panic buying that people are doing right now is so over the top. If everyone just bought what they needed, even if they planned on not going out for 2 weeks at a time we would not be in such a state of panic and anxiety we are in today.
When people say things like, Trump is finally taking this serious and similar… It’s easy to disprove. Yes he’s said some things to possibly downplay the situation, but after seeing how people are reacting en mass do you really blame him. In either case I believe actions speak louder than words, and Trump put heavy travel bans only about two months since reports came out of China.
I think we can blame the media for pushing an agenda and causing undo panic. I read a statement from a walmart emoyee who said a news reporter came in and asked if they could empty the toilet paper shelves for a news segment. I mean if that’s not one sided journalism I don’t know what is.

Anyways I kind of got off on a tangent. And don’t want to turn this into a political post. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I respect that.