Any keyboard nerds?

Just ordered this bad boy with Kailh Box Navy Thick Clicks and an MDA Big Bang Keycap Set. I will be installing a pair of Adafruit neoPixel Rings for RGB underlighting. I will be using a custom layout (QWERTY based).


Ah yes, we own that one as well (7th edition.) It is indeed the same system, though CoC 7e makes some major modifications compared to other BRP games.

Is that an Atreus? What is the wolves’ significance?

Yes, that is an Atreus62 (it has number keys) but that one is not mine. Just a sample shot from the website. Mine will have a matte black top and a clear acrylic layers beneath. The keycaps in the corners are artisan keycaps. I have one similar to the one on the left which will be my Esc key.

If you look closely, the one on the left is a chinese-style dragon. The right looks a bit vague as well. Could be wolf, could be dragon.

The keycaps are by Keyforge

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Just for fun as my keyboard is not really in that category :shushing_face: It’s a wireless Corsair K83 I bought to pair with the MacMini under the TV. ckb-next never saw it but a lot of special keys work right away on most of the distros I tried. Bluetooth has his issues as usual but the USB dongle is rock solid. Doesn’t work on grub unfortunately. :man_shrugging:
I replaced the MacMini with a Raspberry Pi 4 with Libreelec and it’s working like a charm :+1:



I used to use a standard blackwidow until keys (most notable the L) started sticking.
Now I’m using a G413 carbon and I quite like it.

This is my Atreus62 with my customized key layout.


Just installed RGB under-lighting myself via two NeoPixel 12 Rings, a bit of wire, solder and hot glue, and editing the keyboard firmware a little.


@etrigan63 that might be the most beautiful keyboard picture i’ve ever seen. lol

Here’s a better one:

  • Nikon Z7
  • 7Artisans 35mm f/1.4 lens
  • 1/15s - f/8 - ISO 12800
  • 14-bit NEF processed in darktable