Am I able to reuse this case?

Hello all,
I recently got my hands on this old Dell XPS 720 system. It must have been killer in its day, but now not as much (except it has a 1000W PS!).
My question is: am I able to rip out the guts and upgrade the system? Has anyone tried doing this?


What a beauty!

Motherboard/PSU mounting standards have remained static for decades.

PSUs haven’t changed much either with the exception of some new connectors but you can easily get adapters if you’re missing 1 or 2 pins.

Go for it. Looks like a great project.

(edit: wrong for this case, see next post)

Not without some modifications it looks like. Dell uses or used a lot of proprietary cases. According to this forum post it isn’t factory ready for an ATX mobo. It used a BTX mobo.


Thank haroldcrews & Ulfnic.
This is more involved than I was hoping it would be.

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