Abstractrepresentation.online - Linux, Networking, and production technology blog thing (RHCSA Updates!)

https://abstractrepresentation.online is now live. I created it as a blog to augment my brain, motivate myself to create art and administer computer systems, and to help empower other like minded folk to accomplish things using Linuxy methods. I plan to cover networking, security, media creation, music technology, and the website creation journey.


My only suggestion is to change the body font color to make it more readable. As it is, the contrast is too low, for me at least. Great job getting this set up!


There was a “fbclid=” Facebook tracking id in your link that you removed from the text but not the url, it’s been removed. This probably got there by accident in a copy/paste because Facebook auto-appends this to links that are posted on Facebook in order to circumvent tracking protection.

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I’d recommend adding something inside the <title></title>. If someone bookmarks they’ll only see “/” as the name of the link unless they adjust it.

Look forward to reading it in future.

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Thanks Eric. I thought the same. I will tweak the CSS when I can.

Thanks Ulfnic! The tips are greatly appreciated. I will look into those items as soon as I can.

I just posted my third post in the RHCSA series. It is a huge entry on Disk Management (Logical/Physical partitions and volumes, MBR/GPT, and filesystems.) Check it out, and may it empower you!


I’m going to have to go with EricAdams on the font color problem, Is the dark grey text on black a metaphor for something? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha! No sorry. It’s a WordPress theme flipped around backwards on it’s dark mode. I glanced at it, and I gave a change a shot. But, it failed. I generally spend more time analyzing the themes to make a fine tuned change than I do learning how to build a site. I guess it is helping on analysis skills.

There is still some design to be desired, but I think I have the font bright enough throughout. I wasn’t able to slightly adjust the body font, because a slight tick or two brighter would make the letters invisible in contrast with the preformatted boxes. I was able to track down the various elements, and I modified the contrast as requested.

That’s much better! Thanks for tweaking it.

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The posts keep rolling. Maybe someone will find it useful.

A task that WordPress is not cooperating with me on is adding RSS feed capabilities. I think something is funky on my theme. When time allows, I’ll try to hammer that out for anyone interested.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!