About Dell's firmware issues


I am suscribed to gaming on linux news, and I found this article,

I usually avoid panic and take stuff with a bucket’o’salt, but this looks like I probably shoud take seriously, I am on a Dell Inspiron 5570.

I am not very techie, I don’t know how worried I should be.


At first glance i’d say there’s not all that much to worry about, IF you apply your updates when they appear.
I’d run the command that’s provided and see what’s what.
Apart from that, i think you’re good.


I just watched ‘Switched to linux’,

At 14:30, He talks about it, it is mostly because of dell’s auto update thing for windows users, so, yeap, it was not a lot to worry about, unless you are dual-booting on a Dell.

note: I did run the command, I got “no available firmware updates”