A Linux artwork

Hey all!
I created this artwork for a contest and I thought I would post it here as well. This art was created completely using the FOSS application Blender.

Here you go! Let me know what you think.


That’s the Solus logo, right? I really liked Solus when I had it

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Yep, that’s Solus! I have a soft spot for the distro. Love that I can use both Budgie and Gnome 40 with it, too.

That’s a nice job :+1:
I see the pile of junk of windows laptops but it’s also a scale difference between the few linux compared to endless windows. The font is cool is blending nicely.
I’m less fond of the moon, it feels too artificial. I’d go with blurry stars only.
The only real problem I see is I can’t really tell on what the Solus logo is. Or is it floating ? :thinking:

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