278: Fedora 36 Interview with Matthew Miller


Just listened to the cast, mowing the lawn, chillin’ chillin’. I just wanted to say that the Fedora 34 release was a real turning point for the way I view Fedora. The innovation with OSTree and Silverblue and stuff really is fresh.

I’m (mostly) happily using Fedora Kinoite and actually rebased on Rawhide because I’m a current version KDE Plasma and KDE Gear/Apps fiend. I keep a Fedora Kinoite 36 deployment pinned just in case but it’s been fine.

Everyone involved with Fedora seems to be vibing with their respective passion projects and it’s just swell. I can’t wait for OSTree’d Budgie desktop (I won’t use it but I like having more OSTree’d DE options.).

Fedora is really making the case to be the “default.”