246: Linus Tech Tips Linux Challenge & Malware Found In WSL



Need I say more?

I’m really interested to see how the LTT Linux experiment goes.


I guess we need to prepare for stuff… Normies gonna start to try Linux. Here’s hoping they get a good reaction/feedback :beers:


Mail-in-a-Box and other alternatives like mailcow.

Yes, there is some work involved to get Microsoft and Gmail to accept your email but after that, these self hosted services require minimal maintenance.


I’ll second that. Especially when compared to running (and maintaining) Exchange Servers for mail - linux mail servers are great…

I hope they don’t have issues and tell the world that windows is better. Hopefully Anthony will stop this happening.

I was a bit disappointed that openSUSE wasn’t on his list of distributions to try and I wasn’t real tickled about his poopooing on Fedora but that’s all good. I am just glad he is doing this and maybe after the NEXT steam survey, Linux will bump up to 2%. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: That could even be the criticle mass point?

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Luke did clarify that he wasnt in the Linux scene for a while and he may be wrong about Fedora.

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I think I missed that part. Good to know.

I’m worried about this LTT challenge. If it goes wrong for Linus and he has a hissy fit it could cause a lot of damage to Linux. A lot of windows users considering trying Linux for the first time will be watching closely. I still havent got over Louis Rossman’s comments on Linux, a real ‘expert’ who tried it 6 years ago. I have a lot of respect for him but those comments were apalling. These influencers can have a real bad influence when they choose to :frowning:

I think its an honest face value assessment of the current state of Linux.

If its any consolation, i think its a floatplane only content. Unsure if they will release it on their main YT channel.