243: Vivaldi CEO Interview - Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner


Question in the show:

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Dang, I just published my own take on it based on the impression I got asking people on Reddit :smiley:
I’ll have to listen to the episode and figure out if there is any potential for new content here…

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I’m going to say that I’m very impressed with the conversation with Jon. It’s given me something to think about, and I’m changing my thoughts on Vivaldi a little bit. While I’m not a huge fan of closed source in general, at the same time I recognize that companies need to make money to pay developers. (Which seems to be a bit of an anathema to some members of the broader Linux community)

I’m giving Vivaldi a shot, and it seems like it’s a solid browser.

Thanks for bringing Jon on, and thanks to Jon for taking the time and answering some questions!


The interview almost had me convinced to try Vivaldi again. But the forced telemetry (spying) is a deal breaker for me. I realize that most of the Destination Linux podcasters disagree with me. Nevertheless, when anyone tracks my ip (from which you can learn my isp, location, vpn service, etc.) and the times that I’m active, and the operating system, patch levels, and who knows what else vivaldi is tracking - yeah, I’m not going to try it.

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I firmly believe you should make the best decision for your data and information. The telemetry they capture transparently is fine for some and for others they would prefer zero and I support that. For me, this doesn’t change the fact I still use Firefox (which also gathers telemetry by default) but when I need a chromium base I’m enjoying Vivaldi.


Your position on chromium is understandable, considering that you need to test services and report on them to your listeners. In my personal life, I can afford to be a bit more dogmatic: if a website doesn’t support Firefox, then I probably don’t need it that much.


Worthy of mention would have been FerenOS as 1st to make Vivaldi its default browser.

Also, MX who make it readily available to install along with others such as Brave, Palemoon etc.

Q40S is also making it easy to install.

Still frustrated at Mozilla for giving their CEO a 400% pay increase while laying off 250. Where’s the true community spirit here?


This is one of the things that’s so very frustrating, Firefox is a legit competitor to chromium, yet it’s managed by group that makes decisions like a duck that’s been hit in the head too many times.

I want Firefox to succeed, but it seems that Firefox doesn’t want to succeed.


For years, i would recommend Firefox everywhere, not anymore.


Thanks, everyone! Very informative interview with Jon - I learned a lot about Vivaldi that I didn’t know :slight_smile: Also great to see you’re using Jitsi for video now too!

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Very good interview – learned a great deal about Vivaldi and raised it to be within my view when considering browsers. Now to try it out…