214: Customizing Your Linux Desktop With GNOME, KDE Plasma & More


Thanks, everyone, gosh that’s such a variety of customisations!

I’m with @dasgeek on this as I hardly change any of the defaults. I use GNOME and mostly work on only one thing at a time, so its minimalism is very suitable for me. I completely understand @MichaelTunnell and @kernellinux extensively customising Plasma as power-users, and like @jill_linuxgirl I sometimes switch to Plasma or XFCE or an openbox based system just depending on my mood and for a temporary change of scene, as all can be installed simultaneously on Debian Stable with only very minor tweaks needed, if any.

I am happy to see Debian 11 progressing with its stages of freezes and notice Plasma 5.20 is currently in testing. Not sure if 5.21 will make it into Debian 11 but I do see it running on Fedora in a VM and it’s very nice, to put it simply :slight_smile:

Update: apologies, Fedora’s on Plasma 5.20 atm.


I’m totally with @jill_linuxgirl, nothing is easier and faster than having your config in a CVS, and apply it as easy as git pull your config


I usually listen to the headless podcast off the RSS feed, I watched today’s episode on youtube hoping I’d see some screen shares!

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Welcome to the forum, @perkele! I hope you enjoy being here.

As for the video, screen shares are not practical for a podcast due to the flow of content and the massive amount of editing it would require to do that sort of thing.

I will be personally making my own video because there are a lot of specific things to cover.

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I can’t wait to see that video. I installed KDE for the first time since KDE3 based on the praise of the podcast, and so far, I must say I am underwhelmed.
So many little things tick me off or are just weird. I hope it’s just me having to get used to it, but things like having to reboot to change DPI settings or when I tried to connect to a wi-fi, and while in the middle of writing the password, it would just change which wi-fi I was trying to connect to because the list changed…
So yeah, can’t wait to see the video :slight_smile: