157: Linux's Windows 11 Opportunity, Rocky Linux 8.4, Blender Paid Support | This Week in Linux


Thanks, @MichaelTunnell, really enjoyed this as usual! Favourite joke of the week: “The Steam Summer Sale is necessary, people…!” :laughing:

I’ve never tried KMyMoney. I used to use Quicken many years ago, then tried GnuCash for a while but really didn’t like that it didn’t encrypt records and that had to be done separately. I might just try KMyMoney to help me get out of my sticky financial situation if it has built-in privacy features.

I agree Windows 11 hardware requirements sound like an own-goal. I hope our community does capitalise. I am also very keenly awaiting Debian 11 but unsure about the DUR idea.

Rocky Linux release, Canonical support for Blender, ODF 1.3 and Beta for new PostgreSQL all sound good to me!

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You know what could be cool? A list of games that incorporates both ProtonDB (platinum and gold only - with an option to toggle silver rating as well) and Steam Linux native games.

Maybe incorporate sale info as well if you could get it on Steam, Itch.io and maybe GOG as well (no Linux native client but DRM free seems seems to warrant an honorable mention).