139: Linux 5.11, Linux On Mars!, KDE Plasma 5.21, Linux Mint, Fedora, Kodi | This Week in Linux


Now all we need is IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) sent to Mars so it can live up to it’s promise!

I Just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to help with TWIL. If anyone helps you they’re helping Linux and you’ve been a major contributor to me learning FOSS and continuing my Linux journey.

There was a live stream I caught recently where you just reeeelentlessly answered Linux questions in chat, just dropping information bombs that blew my mind back in the day when you told me. It’s been a privelege to be any part of helping make that happen.


Thanks @MichaelTunnell for another very informative and entertaining show - also to @Ulfnic - didn’t know you were helping-out behind the scenes though of course I notice and appreciate your contributions in the forum :slight_smile:

Linux on Mars has to be the most exciting news for me too! (Talking of space it’s only by chance I finished watching Firefly recently then rewatched Serenity this weekend and loved it!) I remember reading some years ago Bjarne Stroustrup mentioning fondly that C++ was powering some of these space devices though a part of me is curious to know if Java has got in there too meantime, OpenJDK I mean of course :slight_smile:

I find Kodi a bit mind-boggling and have so far only used it on very rare occasions if VLC doesn’t like one of my DVDs. Good to hear of the update though, and I wonder if it’s a little easier to understand the user-interface, or maybe it’s just me!

I’ve been experimenting with Manjaro in a VM primarily as I hope my next phone will be a PinePhone and it seemed to be a favourite with the hardware developers, though my heart does incline more to Ubuntu Touch as it seems more mobile-oriented from the word go. I’ll also be interested in seeing if PinePhone might have a slightly more beefy hardware upgrade too, soon, as I really do think people rely a lot on features such as the camera these days. I wouldn’t be looking for premium but more towards mid-range perhaps would do very well, I’m sure!

I remember when Devuan first launched. I think there’s a niche demand there, though I also think it’s always good to have alternatives, just in case.