12/13/21 24-hour Charity Stream for St Jude Children Hospital | Game Sphere

What is up, folks? I know it has been a while since we have talked about charities here on the network. With that in mind, we are coming up on the holiday season time. So I wanted to do something, to reflect the spirit of thanks and giving the holidays are meant to mean.

So what does this 24-hour livestream entail you may be asking? The short answer is lots and lots of games! Starting at 9 am EST on December 13, 2021, going to 9 am December 14, 2021, Here is the general breakdown for the games will be as follows, 2-hour blocks per game, with a quick 5 to 10-minute break between each game. All games will be rated NO higher than T for Teen (aka PG-13.) There will be a mix of multiplayer games and single-player games.

The multiplayer games the community will get to choose. At the beginning of every new game start, we will be doing a game giveaway. At the end of the stream, the person who has donated the highest amount will be getting a whole slew of games, and I will also be donating 50 dollars to the OSS project of your choice.

So this is the TLDR breakdown version. We will be posting polls for the multiplayer games that you folks will be choosing for us to play, and so you enjoy watching Ryan and Michael constantly die. These polls will be posted in the Discourse Forum, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube Community Tab. So once you see them posted make sure to go vote!

We are going with St Jude Children Hospital because what better gift can a donation bring than giving a family more time with their child, and not having to worry about the cost of the care.


I cant wait to take part, this is awesome. Im also excited that Michael and I can finally teach you how to game!


More likely how to not game you mean there Dasgeek!


TeeHee!!! :joy::penguin::penguin::video_game:

LOL Matt! :grin:

“Starting at 9 am EST on December 13, 2021, going to 9 am December 14, 2021”

Localized time/date:


[date=2021-12-13 time=09:00:00 timezone="EST"] → [date=2021-12-14 time=09:00:00 timezone="EST"]

Ok, @mattdln did you think you could have some quiet time after the US sleeps and before the EU wakes up? Think again, because I took the day off and I am going to pester you during the quiet Asia TZ times!

Happy to play whatever works for you, just get in touch with me if there is some game you want me to get, or anything else I can do to help out.

I am SUPER excited to play Among Us with @mattdln and @TheWendyPower . I can’t wait! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Did @mattdln tease a 24-hr stream of Among Us or is it just while you guys are there? Matt never fails to impress ;).

We will be playing games among us in the community but NOT among us the game :wink: